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                                            Destroy them.

                                        Destroy everything.

                                                                              You don’t need them.

               They’re vermin,
                                                                 foul little leeches.

                                       Disgusting. Pathetic.

    Kill them all.

                                        Wring their necks.
                          Drain the juices from their corpses.

                                                                   Make them suffer.

                                Break them once and for all.

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The insult almost got to him. Almost. It dug into him like every insult and his automatic instinct was to lash out, loud and harsh and dangerous that he was— But before he could even tense, that tread carefully all but screamed in his head.


"That’s not a reaction I usually get." he replied, just as calm as before. "But pompous types like you tend to find everything you consider beneath you dull, don’t you?”

To an outside observer Ichigo Kurosaki looked like he was trading insults with someone, like usual. But in his eyes, it was easy to tell that nothing about what he was doing was off handed. It was all deliberate. A predator watching a predator.

     Oh, so this was how it was going to be? Not that Gremmy was at all complaining; this made the effort he was putting into appearing normal (cocky and confident, perhaps, but normal) worth it. Otherwise, he surely wouldn’t have appeared to be so pleased with this interaction at all. One with the capability of peering into his thoughts would have come to the conclusion that he, in fact, despised interpersonal relations and the spawning of them with conversations such as these.

     ”You’d certainly be correct about that one, Kurosaki Ichigo,” he emphasized, smile curling into just the smallest hint of a smirk. The name was one he would be hard pressed to forget. Others seemed to have an instinctual need to flee when around the blond, but this one…

     He was stupid enough to stay around.

     ”Was I that hard to figure out~? Maybe I need to work on my compliments more often.”

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fraadseri ;  
Hides in ur giant coat with u tbh.

     Keeps Lil-chan hidden in his coat.

     [/ Ya’ll need to calm down on the gifs. Geez. I’ll be on my oc since its not on his dash at all. ]

livredelafin replied to your post:livredelafin replied to your post Yeah… ‘Imagine’….

'Must we fight, though? I'd always /imagined/ we'd be quite a team.' 8)

     ”Too bad I’m not a big fan of your kind.”

livredelafin replied to your post

Yeah… ‘Imagine’. 8)

     ”If only.”

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The Space We Live In (x)

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"I apologize then, my mistake. I jumped to conclusions because of your appearance."

That sounded like French, from what he heard. Gremmy— At least the name wasn’t terribly hard to pronounce, and for some reason, he had an odd feeling it would be sticking in his head. Like the few names he managed to hang onto, this one held some accompanying thought.

This thought was; tread carefully.

"Kurosaki Ichigo." he introduced, inclining his head. "I apologize if I haven’t noticed you before, I’m not smallood with names and faces."

     ”No, no~ Don’t worry; it happens to everyone,” he reassured happily, shoulders relaxing just enough to be noticeable, but no where near letting his guard completely down. Gremmy was lucky he had such a good poker face.

     ”For example, all I could think about was how ridiculously dull you seem to be.”

     His smile never wavered as he cast the insult toward his acquaintance; another test given to see just how far he was capable of pushing the taller one before he snapped. He seemed the type, anyway.

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